What Do We Offer

Agility offers you a full featured enterprise grade phone system hosted in our cloud. Our system can provide you auto attendants, IVR menus, call queues, full featured conference calling, web based faxing, and much more, all controllable by you in our AgilityVOICE web portal. 

Do you want customers to be greeted with a friendly and professional message before ringing? Maybe you have a high call flow and you need to be able to setup advanced call queues set with tier rules and the ability for a calls place to be saved should their call drop while their on hold. Whatever your needs, Agility can find and build the perfect solution for you.

Why Use Agility's Hosted Phone System

Phone systems are expensive, they require hardware, maintenance, technical experience, and time. When using AgilityVOICE all you need is a phone and an internet connection. There is no need for a bulky and noisy server or late nights updating it. No more frantically trying to find someone to fix it when it breaks. With AgilityVOICE you can have as little or as much control of your system as you want. Are you the type that likes to tweak your system until it is exactly the way you want? Log into the AgilityVOICE web portal and configure the system exactly the way you want. Or are you more of the type of person who just wants things to just work? We have you covered, call or email us and one of our technicians will configure things for you free of charge.

The Remote Worker

Do you have people how work remotely and need to receive work calls at home? Maybe you would like to return a call after hours but still appear to call from the office? Or perhaps you have a startup and are not ready to purchase office phones? AgilityVOICE can be used by multiple mobile apps which allows you to use you personal phone for both personal and work calls without ever have to give out your personal number. Perhaps you would rather use a PC or MAC program to make your calls so that way when your done working you do not see those calls. Whatever your needs Agility has them covered.