Cyber Security

Did you know that 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses? This fact is likely because hackers know small businesses don’t have a network security team to help keep them secure like the big corporations. Remaining safe on the Internet is a reactive and never-ending job. What this means is every time a new hack is created, it is up to you to ensure you have protected yourself to the new threat. This a huge job that is impossible for most people.  Sixty percent of breaches could have been avoided if the victim’s network was secured and updated properly. On average, a successful security breach costs a small company $200,000 thus causing many to go out of business. On the right, is a real-time cyber threat map showing all threats that are detected by Bitdefender.  This visual illustrates what a perpetual and immediate danger the Internet poses. You can view the full map at 

Your Data On The Internet

In 2018, hackers stole half a billion personal records. This was a 126% increase from 2017. Since 2013, there are approximately 3,809,448 records stolen from breaches every day. This number breaks down to 158,727 per hour, 2,645 per minute, or 44 every second of every day, reports Cybersecurity Ventures. In addition to this, most people tend to use the same password or a variation of the same password everywhere. This means if a hacker obtains one password, it is effortless for them to derive the rest. How about you? If a hacker got your Facebook password, how hard would it be for them to acquire your Quickbooks password or your email password? 

How Can Agility Help

Staying on top of your business’s cyber security can seem like too much, as if you’re fighting an unwinnable battle against an invisible force. Luckily, Agility knows how to fight this enemy, and we offer the tools you need to stay safe on the Internet. Agility offers electronic courses to impart the necessary security knowledge everyone needs. Email phishing attacks are responsible for 94% of all malware, meaning if you or an employee clicks the wrong email, your entire business could be compromised. Agility offers email phishing awareness training to impart the tools needed to identify and properly react to a phishing email. Agility also offers Darkweb Scanning services. This service will scan the Darkweb and send an alert if one of your accounts has been compromised, allowing you the opportunity to change your password before hackers can use this data against you. However, will you need to change that password everywhere because they are all to similar to each other? This is a common problem almost everyone has. It’s impossible to remember a different and random password for every site you visit… right?  Agility has you covered in this scenario as well. With password management, you will only have to remember one password, and our password manager will remember the rest. Not only is this convenient, but it also allows you to use a different randomly generated password for every site. Would you ever use a password like this j6VJB]=T8RWHRLW<`#h)? Of course not! How could you ever remember something like that? One would require an impeccable memory to use a different password at every site. Using our password management system not only makes it possible to use a different, randomly generated password at every site, but also enables the password manager to remember all your passwords while you simply have to remember the one master password.

Managed Antivirus

How many antivirus programs do you have on your PC right now? Are you someone who has three programs running all at once in an attempt to stay safe at the expense of your computers speed, or are you someone who has no antivirus and just trusts your computer won’t get a virus? If this is the case, neither option is  a good choice. A better approach is using one Managed Antivirus. What makes a Managed Antivirus different from the ones you use now? Our Managed Antivirus reports in with Agility’s servers constantly, thus allowing your computers’ security to continuously monitored.

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