What is Managed Cloud Services

The cloud might be a term you have not heard before, but what does “the cloud” actually mean? The Cloud is a term that describes the idea of renting someone else’s server space as a service, as opposed to buying and running your own server. This is a much more economic way of going about obtaining your information technology goals. Agility takes it one step further by offering what we call, Managed Cloud Services. With other cloud service providers, you buy a slice of their server space and its up to you to make it work, you may never even talk to a person. With Agility’s Managed Cloud Service, we will be there every step of the way and we will configure, run, and maintain your services for you.  

Benefits to Running in the Cloud

By using managed cloud services, you can proceed with business as usual, without needing to deal with all the behind the scenes technicalities. It is comparable to getting a full warranty, with free oil changes and maintenance, when buying a new car. The system admins here at Agility constantly monitor your servers to identify points of failures before they generate into major problems. A great aspect of managed cloud services is that your data can be accessed from anytime and anywhere. This allows your company to be more efficient and will increase productivity.